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The site slowdown tonight (Saturday night) is due to database load -- Saturday nights are one of our busiest times and we're still going to need to do some performance tweaks to our new setup over the next few days as we run into load issues. (Some problems only show up once all y'all start banging on the site!) We've made a few changes now that will improve things for some people, and will do a more permanent fix later on tonight or tomorrow morning once the traffic dies down, since doing it now would just increase database load.

Site performance may continue to be rocky on and off for the next few days until we get everything tuned the way it needs to be tuned -- thank you for your patience!
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[personal profile] lxe 2016-12-26 10:19 am (UTC)(link)
There are, and would be, quite a few migrants from in the recent and coming days. Please let us know if a fundraising campaign is/may be desired to help you keep up with that. I am offering paid accounts to my fellow refugees to help them rebuild their network at the new location, but if a more centralized effort is needed, PLEASE let us know.
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We've noticed, and thank you for the patronage! If you have some spare time and are familiar with the site, we could use some more volunteers to keep an eye on incoming support requests:
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Oh thank you, let me take a look.