Apr. 10th, 2016

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The problem we were having earlier today with failed crossposts was due to a merge conflict in one of the code modules that the crosspost worker uses. I thought the merge conflict was fixed before the changed module was pushed live, but apparently it was not. Alas! Woe! But [personal profile] alierak fixed it a few hours after we were informed of the problem, and crossposts should now be back to normal.

A short while ago, a few of you started reporting a new issue with loading Dreamwidth pages via https. This was not related to the code push, but rather an update to the SSL certificates that we use, which were going to expire soon. One of the intermediate certificates was not in the correct format, and that problem is also now fixed.

If there is anything ELSE not working, do let us know, either by commenting here or opening a support request. Thanks everyone!


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