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Karzilla, Destroyer of Bugs ([staff profile] karzilla) wrote in [site community profile] dw_maintenance2017-02-12 11:07 pm

Code push imminent!

We're about to pull the lever on tonight's code push! I'll update this post when it's finished. For a reminder of what to expect, check the previous post for the list of changes.

Update: All done! Comment here if you notice any issues that need our attention.
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[personal profile] my_tucker 2017-02-15 10:01 am (UTC)(link)
Transferring all my layout images on my accounts to Dreamwidth is definitely on the to-do list, as Photobucket images can be painfully slow to load at times. I'm not sure I'll bother with the existing images in entries simply because there are so many, but from now I'll probably use Dreamwidth for those too. Is there any plan in future to enable albums in the image hosting area? That would be the icing on the cake. :) (Little steps I realise!! Just putting the thought out there).

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[staff profile] denise 2017-02-15 10:04 am (UTC)(link)
Images in entries shouldn't be a problem! They go through the proxy already. :)

Yeah, tagging and albums and all that good organizing stuff are on the list of things to do in the future -- the trick is just figuring out how it should behave.
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[personal profile] my_tucker 2017-02-15 10:20 am (UTC)(link)
Oh cool - that's good to know re images in entries. :) I have hundreds of entries with images on my main DW account (recently imported over from LJ). Planning to make that one a premium account.

And awesome re albums etc. I shall watch this space!!