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Database restart

Our database servers have been generating some alerts today, where the monitoring system can't log into the servers to check on them. I can't log in either, but as best I can tell the databases are still running, or you wouldn't be seeing this. There is probably an issue with memory usage or excessive disk I/O, but it's kind of hard to troubleshoot at the moment. I would expect DW to be down for a while at some point today in order to restart the databases and/or reboot the servers. More info when [staff profile] mark's had a chance to look.
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Good luck finding what's wrong and fixing it!
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Thanks for letting us know! <3
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Thank you for the heads up. It's appreciated.
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Cheers for the heads-up... We really appreciate the way you keep us in the loop over stuff like this!
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Thanks for the heads-up. #hugops to mark!
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Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed.
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Thanks for the heads-up, although I'm not seeing any problems here!!
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Well, it's well into the afternoon local time, about five hours since you posted. Either it's happened already or it hasn't, either way, thanks for the heads up.

Geterdone. :)
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Ta for heads-up, and here's to there never being any major problems with DW - you're one of the last bastions of sanity competently and considerately run blogsites on the internet!
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As I said earlier, this seems to be the weekend for websites to go down. Thanks for the heads up!