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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote in [site community profile] dw_maintenance2013-01-14 03:31 pm

Maintenance window in a few hours

After yesterday's unexpected outage, we'll need some time to finish the cleanup and get the site back to running in normal (paired database) mode. It's technically possible to do this with the site still up, [staff profile] mark assures me, but it's more futureproof to do it while the site's in maintenance mode. So, we're going to do that tonight.

The maintenance window will begin tonight at midnight EST/9PM PST/5AM UTC. (See this in your timezone.) We're tentatively allocating 2 hours for the work; it may be longer or shorter depending on what we find when we dig into it.

We're going to try doing this with the site in "read-only" mode, where you can read existing entries and comments but not make new ones, rather than maintenance mode, where the entire site is unavailable with a "down for maintenance" splash page replacing all pages. It may prove impossible, though, so if the site switches from read-only mode to down-for-maintenance mode, don't be surprised.

Watch our offsite status for updates -- we'll keep you posted there as things develop.

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