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[staff profile] mark2011-12-21 11:41 am

Adding a webserver

Hi all,

Dreamwidth is seeing some extra traffic today, so we're rolling out a new webserver to handle the extra load. We'll be paying close attention to the system load though and will be doing what we can to make sure everything is speedy and working.

Also, today I am joined by my infant son Oliver, who is helping me with the servers. Hello from Mark and Oliver!
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[staff profile] denise2011-12-21 05:39 pm

import queue delays

Thanks to a few people reporting problems with their import jobs stuck on the "verify" step for an extended period of time, we discovered a bottleneck in the import process we hadn't realized. We've taken steps to fix it. If your import was showing as "ready to be inserted into the queue", those jobs are now being moved into the import queue more quickly. (That's why, if you've been watching the queue on the Import Journal page, the numbers just jumped like whoa.)

It will take time for the importer to process all the queued jobs -- whenever there's a surge in account creation, there's a corresponding surge in import jobs -- but fear not, once they're scheduled your import jobs will run. You don't have to leave the page open: just schedule the job and wander off, and sooner or later you will look at your journal and all of your stuff will be there like magic. :)

More of the technical details, for those who are curious )

EDIT, 8:40PM EDT: Sorry about the rampant internal server error problems -- we thought it was a problem with the new webserver, but it turned out that imports were happening too fast and were locking up the database. Mark has throttled back the import speed enough that the errors should go away now. (This means that imports will be happening more slowly, but the queue's backed up enough right now that it probably won't make much difference anyway!)

EDIT, 4:30 PM EDT, 12/23: As always happens whenever we have an influx of new users, the import queue is very, very busy right now. Your import will almost certainly take at least a day to finish. Please be patient! Once your job is in the queue, it will complete eventually and you don't need to stay logged into the site or leave your computer on. Just start it and go do other things, and eventually your stuff will catch up with you. :)