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Chief cook and bottle washer ([personal profile] my_tucker) wrote in [site community profile] dw_maintenance 2017-02-13 08:03 am (UTC)

Thanks for all the hard work guys. It's exciting to have image hosting now!

I think I've found a small problem though. I uploaded an image and found I could post it to my journal when I copy and paste the code generated in the "Image Embed" field to the HTML tab on the post entry page, but it wouldn't seem to post with the code generated in the "Thumbnail Embed" field.

I figured out the problem - the last bit of the code is missing a quotation mark (') in the "Thumbnail Embed" field as per this example: alt='' title='Train/> instead of alt='' title='Train'/> as per the "Image Embed" field code. I find when I add the missing quotation mark it works. It's the same for all sizes selected in the "Thumbnail Embed" field.

I've only uploaded the one image so far for testing purposes, so I'm not sure if it's just that one or all images. Hope that helps anyway...

P.S. I'm quite new to Dreamwidth and I have to say the site has such a nice feel. It's very refreshing!

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