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Oh, wow

People getting mail at Gmail are reporting email delays of about an hour.

For reasons related to Microsoft flagging DW's email as spam, I forward my DW email from Gmail to Outlook, which means the same delays, I guess, and that I have no provider left to switch to that I could tolerate (in fact, I can't tolerate GMail nor Yahoo, which is why I forward email to Outlook - the latter's interfaces are too garish, cluttered and arcane for me to deal with).

But I'm wondering how Dreamwidth is not whitelisted with all major email providers by now (it's been online for eight years! I think!). It seems weird that major email providers don't make more of an effort to ensure legitimate organizations such as Dreamwidth don't get flagged as spam senders.

And it's frustrating. If the bottlenecks continue with big providers as reported in the OP I guess I'll have to find a smaller provider to switch to (or buy a website to set up an email server like I've talked about but have never actually done) as Outlook is my favorite but has not, as far as I know, let DW's email through in the last year (edit: just checked my own DW and according to a post I made about it, it's been a year and four months since that particular problem started).

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