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Mark Smith ([staff profile] mark) wrote in [site community profile] dw_maintenance2014-01-26 04:06 pm

Database maintenance

Hi all!

Today we started getting some alerts on the database, so I'm going to do some maintenance to verify the health and wellness of the machine and get it back to a non-alerting status.

I should be able to do this without any downtime, but just in case, you might want to make sure to use your favorite text editor to save a copy of any long entries or comments you're working on.

Once I've got things sorted out, I'll update this with more details for the technically curious.

Update [4:50PM PST]: sb-db06 (the slave) has been rebooted and is recovering, I'm doing system updates on it since the problem looks like a kernel bug (it struck both databases at the same time). Next: master failover then recover the other database.

Update [5:05PM PST]: I'm doing what we call a "master failover" now. This means I'm shifting all traffic from the database that was active (sb-db05) to the spare database (sb-db06). I have to shut off "extra" services like imports, feeds, and searches while this happens.

Update [5:30PM PST]: Well, that was unexpectedly bumpy. Sorry for that. There should be no further bumping, as we're now on the spare database so I can take maintenance on the original master.

Update [6:20PM PST]: If you had userpics not loading, they should be back to normal.

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