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Ardath Rekha ([personal profile] ardath_rekha) wrote in [site community profile] dw_maintenance 2012-04-29 02:07 pm (UTC)

I went and checked out SWS -- because I played in it periodically back in the day -- and there's something odd you might want to check out. I was kinda surprised that even SWS would have hit that mark so quickly... it was big, but even back in its LJ heyday I hadn't thought it was that magnitude. It appears that the comment import may have run incorrectly and, at least in some posts, imported the same comments multiple times. You can see it pretty clearly in this post, where the same set of threads repeats three or four times as you scroll down the page.

A lot of the comment counts look pretty high, but that's the only one I checked before popping back in here to say something, because it was the first one I opened (one of my characters periodically played with the OP of that thread and I couldn't remember if that post was one of the times she did... it wasn't).

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