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First off -- we've constantly had problems with Earthlink blocking us since we launched over a year ago. I've had to request us be unblocked on average once a month and it's kind of frustrating -- they're the only provider that is doing this!

So, I'm sorry to anybody who's using Earthlink to receive email. We do our best to get unblocked as soon as we hear about it, but sometimes we don't find out about it until after you do -- and I know that's frustrating. Getting notifications in a timely fashion is really important on a site like Dreamwidth.

We're trying to work on a better long term resolution (getting on some sort of whitelist?) but it's going to take some time.

But! Maybe you can help:

Does anybody reading this have contacts within Earthlink's systems administration/mail group? If we could talk to someone directly, we could probably get this resolved permanently in a few hours. It's finding someone to talk to that's the hard part!

Thanks in advance!


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