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Mark Smith ([staff profile] mark) wrote in [site community profile] dw_maintenance2012-12-01 08:55 pm

Code push coming shortly

Hi all!

Edit: This is done, the code has been pushed!

In the next few minutes, we'll be doing a code push on Dreamwidth. You can expect a bit of a rocky experience tonight, since we will be not only deploying new code, but also doubling our caches -- which means that the site will slow down for a while, then will get faster than it was!

If you see any problems, please comment here and let us know. We have all hands on deck to make sure everything goes smoothly.

(PS, special shout out to [staff profile] denise, [personal profile] fu, [personal profile] exor674, and [personal profile] geekosaur who are in IRC helping out or keeping company while this happens. You folks are awesome!)

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